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Our Competitions


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or you are at the championship level, you can participate in competitions according to your level and age.


Club competitions


In HSF, 1-2 times a year we offer the new skaters to participate in a small club competition. This is an informal competition where the skaters get a taste of what it really means to be in a competition.

The competition takes place in the club, often during normal training time, where the skaters one by one are allowed to individually perform the program on the ice, that they have learned in advance for training.

They are divided into groups, with skaters at their own level, where they are judged by 3-4 older skaters in the club. In each group, they are placed between 1-4 regardless of how many there are in the group.

According to tradition, all skaters receive a medal / small commemorative gift for taking part in the competition.

Funskate Competitions

For the slightly more experienced skaters, you can start participating in Funskate competitions organized by the Danish Skøjte Union. There you get divided accordingly to which club test you have passed (read more under "DSU club tests").

These competitions are a little more serious than the club competitions, but still more relaxed than DSU's other competitions.
Funskate competitions take place throughout the country, but HSF belongs to the VEST side, which means that HSF skaters primarily participate in Funskate competitions in Jutland and Fyn.


FunSkate Free* 
The skater is on the ice alone and will skate an individual program with music.


K and M competitions

As you become more skilled, you can also participate in larger competitions. After passing the necessary tests, you can participate in what we call the 'K competitions'.

When you reach your age-appropriate level, you can participate in competitions organized by the Danish Skøjte Union, i.a. Jutland-Fyns cup and Denmark's cup.
In this type of competition, the demand for one's technical ability is somewhat greater than for the Funskate competitions. Likewise, these competitions take place throughout the country, and against skaters from all over Denmark.

To compete for championships, you must be a championship skater. In order to reach this type of competition, you need to be able to reach/pass your age-appropriate test/level, where you also have 2 programs from a certain age (short program and free program).

The technical requirements are higher than for all other types of competitions, and in the championship series, you compete against the best skaters in all of Denmark.

What the M and K competitions have in common is that they both consist of elements in the categories of steps, jumps and pirouettes.
In addition, you are divided into ladies/girls and men/boys ranks, which are further divided by age into the groups: cubs, springs, debs, novice, junior and senior.

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