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ATTENTION!! Please make sure you sign up for the correct team.

If you are not sure which team you shall sign up for, please contact our Sports Director, Andrzej Strzelec at


Click on the link at the top and find the team you need to register for.

Then fill in the registration and payment form.

Members from the previous season must use the login they already have. You can ask for a new password to be sent if you can't remember it.



Subscriptions for skaters in HSF include a subscription for DSU.

Team overview:


Fis på Is (Fun on ice):

The team is for new members aged 3-6 years, where the focus is on learning the basic skills on skates.


Skøjteskole (Skating school):

For age +6 years. Everyone with basic skills on skates can join this team. This is assessed by the Sports Director.


Funskate 1:

Skaters who participate in Funskate free competitions, in order to be able to pass basic 1 level and become part of the K-team.


Funskate 2:

Skaters who have club badge 3 and are able to participate in Funskate element competitions. Skaters will be appointed during the season and, if there is interest from the parents, can be admitted to the team.


K – team:

All skaters with the basic 1 level.


K1 – team:

Skaters with basic 1 level, selected by the Sports Director. All K-skaters can be admitted to the team. Criteria for the team are age and technical skills that enable them to move to M – training, training effort, maturity and good health.


M – team:

All skaters who have the level to become a championship skater as well as skaters who lack a maximum of one partial mark to achieve it.


The adult team:

The team is for everyone over the age of 18. Both new and old members can be on the team regardless of level.


Guest training:

DKK 100 per hour – this shall be agreed upon directly with Sports Director, Andrzej Strzelec.

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