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FIS PÅ IS (Fun on Ice) 

Age 2-6 years 

The first thing new skaters learn when entering the rink is how to fall and get up again. They are also learning how to skate forward, skate backwards, stop and turn. It may seem like an easy job, but with each new skill they master, comes self-confidence.

The group lesson environment allows skaters to make new friends and develop relationships.


Once your child masters the fundamentals of skating, they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and strength needed to move on to the next level. 


All children are welcome, but we generally recommend that the children can run before they can put on a pair of skates.


The price for the season (from August - December) is 500 DKK*

*a season is 1/2 year from August - December and the new season starts again from January  - April.  

If you are not 100% convinced about committing yourself to the skating sport yet, come and start with FREE trial lessonsTime: Monday at 16:45.

We offer 2 free trial lessons in total.


It's a good idea to come 15-20 minutes before the lesson starts so that we can help you to find a pair of good skates that suit your child.


It is also possible to rent skates for half a season at a time, it costs 250 DKK.

To rent the skates, please contact us at

You don't need to sign up – just show up.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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