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DSU club tests

In figure skating, you are divided into levels according to how good you are at skating and your age. 

The level division, according to what we call the DSU club test, takes place on the following teams:

  • Fis på Is (Fun on Ice) 

  • Skøjteskole (the skating school)

  • Funskate


The DSU club tests define the skaters' technical skills on the skates.

There are 7 levels in total. The first is the easiest, and the degree of difficulty increases gradually as you move up in level.

Even if you have only been skating for a short time, you will quickly be able to participate in competitions with skaters from all over the country at the same level as yourself.
You can see
the schedule for upcoming competitions in 2022/23 here.

It will not always be noted to the parents that their children take a DSU club test, as our coaches continuously evaluate the skaters' abilities during the season.

At the end of the season, you will receive a small pin for the club test you have passed. If a skater has, for example, passed 3 club tests in one season, the skater will receive a pin for each test. If you wish to get a pin, please contact the board at

Price: 40 DKK per pin. 

When you have passed all 7 levels, the next step is to get on our competition and championship teams. To do that, you have to take more tests, again according to your age and level.

The tests are taken in the following order:  

Basic 1, 
Basic 2, 

All tests consist of an element part and a component part. All the technical aspects in relation to the content of the DSU club tests, and which competitions they give access to are completely under control of our Sports Director.

If you want to know more about which level your child has reached, you are always welcome to contact our Sports Director or one of our other coaches.

If you want more technical knowledge about the DSU club tests, you can read more on the Danish Skating Union's website:

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